Terrestrial conservation ecology

Trophic, chemical, and functional insights into plant-animal interactions in invaded ecosystems


Plant structure as fauna habitat

Terrestrial LiDAR.
Viewshed ecology.
Animal movement through structure.

Habitat pods: fauna refuges

Post-fire emergency shelter for wildlife after fires or other disaster.

Mammalian herbivory

Volatiles as odour cues. Natives vs. weeds.
Foraging decisions in invaded vegetation.

Predator naivety

Predator naivety.
Cats and foxes.
Predator-prey interactions
Hunting behaviour.

Odour ecology

Olfactory communication.
Odour profiling.
Smelly microbiome.

Red foxes in Australia

Behavioural ecology.
Landscape genetics.
Pathogenic potential.

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I am a wildlife conservation researcher developing novel multidisciplinary approaches to tackle introduced species and disturbed ecosystems.

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