Collaborators & Funders

The research I do wouldn’t be possible without a range of support from the University that employs me (Macquarie University), the funders, the collaborators, the research assistants, the students, and the volunteers.

Major collaborators

Daniel T Blumstein –

Michelle R Leishman –

Michael Gillings –

Thomas Newsome –

Mariella Herberstein –

Jemma Geoghegan –

Peter Banks –

Martin Bucknall –

Ian Jamie –

Funders and Industry Partners

Macquarie University (Research Fellowship)

NSW Department of Planning and Environment

Greater Sydney Local Land Services

Australian Flora Foundation

Hermon Slade Foundation

Royal Zoological Society of New South Wales

Linnean Society of New South Wales

Aussie Ark

Australian Wildlife Conservancy (AWC)

National Parks and Wildlife Service (NPWS)

World Wildlife Fund Australia (WWF)

Photo credits

AWC, Liam Agnew, Will Ashley, Kim Calders, Margarita Gil-Fernandez, Emily Hegarty, Professor Robert Harcourt, Angela Rana, WWF.

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